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Thursday, June 20, 2013

雅-MIYAVI- Secret lyrics



作詞 /Lyrics:MIYAVI・Dan Priddy
作曲 /Composer:MIYAVI・Dan Priddy

English Lyrics

Unzip it girl
Drop it down
Get on the sheets
Let's play it loud, some music

Once the beat hits
I'll take you to X
Rhythm of breath

(Down) on yo knees
Eat my heat
C'mon, set me free

Don't let the beat stop
Between the sheets yeh
I know you like this
Oh tell me your secret
I'm going in and out
The sin repeats yeh
Your body's screaming
Oh tell me your secret

We've got the tough
Of dirty dirty sweat
This is the time to scream

In and out
In and out
Just Feel my beast

The secret leaks

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